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Benetrends Financial

Funding is one of the most important components in buying a business or franchise.  We offer a comprehensive suite of funding options covering nearly every type of business situation, including:

  • 401 (k)/IRA Rollover Funding : Allows you to use funds in your retirement plan to purchase a franchise, while eliminating debt, tax-deferred and penalty-free.
  • SBA Loans : These are government-backed loans secured with personal collateral offering competitive interest rates. There are three SBA programs that have been customized for our program.
  • Securities Backed Loans : A line of bank credit that is backed by securities held in an investment portfolio. By utilizing this type of credit, cash needs are acquired without disrupting investments, investment strategies or asset allocation.
  • Merchant Cash Advance : Provides fast working capital by taking an advance from future credit card sales. Unlike a loan, it does not require any collateral or personal guarantee, and you don’t have to pay any interest.
  • Equipment Leasing : Allows you to acquire assets or capital equipment, such as computer equipment, company vehicles or service equipment.
  • Conventional Business Loans : Includes fixed or variable rate financing options.