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COVID-19: How Can My Business Survive In A Crisis?

In this video below, Top Business Brokers Lana Hout and Adrianna Smith discuss what business owners can do in a crisis like COVID-19.


Now is the time for business owners to RESPOND to this change in business, RECONFIGURE their business models, and COMMUNICATE with their customers.

RESPOND to the change – this includes downsizing staff, expenses, and maybe even offerings, etc.

RECONFIGURE the business model – now is the time to figure out how you can do business in a whole new way. How can you change your product, service, delivery channel now to still keep some level of sales going?

COMMUNICATE with your customers - Your customers are at home or are operating at lower capacity. YOU HAVE THEIR EAR! They are listening and they will remember the companies that stood by them and inspired them through their time of hardship.

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