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First Choice Business Brokers Los Angeles

Helping clients BUY and SELL businesses every day!

First Choice Business Brokers, Los Angeles is a premium full-service business brokerage and M&A Advisory firm that focuses on providing our clients with NEXT LEVEL professional service. We handle the entire sales process which includes valuing businesses, confidentially marketing businesses, vetting buyers, managing buyer-seller meetings, preparing transaction paperwork as well as managing the escrow, landlord and financing processes to ensure a smooth transaction process.

First Choice Business Brokers, Los Angeles specializes in business sales across all industries with transaction sizes from approximately $50,000 to $50 million.  

We are the most experienced and most trusted business brokers in Los Angeles and have helped hundreds of people just like you buy or sell a business in Southern California! 

Why Choose First Choice?

Established National Company with 40+ Offices Across the U.S.

-  Specialized in Business Sales and M&A Advisory

-  Confidential Sales Process

-  Proprietary & Comprehensive Contracts

-  Access to Vast Buyer Networks

-  Marketing Across Multiple Business Marketplace Channels

-  Thorough Financial Analysis and Valuation

-  Proven Track Record of Success 

-  Professional Service with Integrity

-  Specialized Expertise and Transaction Experience

-  Proprietary Technology and Customized CRM

-  Proven Marketing Strategies and Automation

-  Lower Threshold than an Investment Bank

-  No Upfront Fees

Industry Experience

We have sold hundreds of businesses across all industries including but not limited to:

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First Choice Business Brokers Los Angeles (FCBBLA) will remain open  and operating during the coming weeks, and we have implemented the  Work From Home (WFH) Policy, as recommended by the health experts.  Fortunately, most of our business can be done remotely via phone, email, and video and phone conferencing.  As such, we encourage business owners and business buyers to continue to contact us and be prepared to continue their plans to sell or buy businesses.

If you are a  business owner thinking of selling your business this year, take comfort in knowing that times like these bring stronger buyers to the market. Also, for those that experience job loss due to the pandemic, buying a business will now become a top consideration. This is a great time to start working with our brokers and agents to start getting listed and take advantage of the recovery immediately.

If you are a  business buyer, we suggest that you continue to view businesses, perform research and diligence accordingly, and be ready to take advantage of more opportunities to come as a result of the uncertainty.

In the meantime, we want to encourage our business community, friends, and family to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe.


Seven Reasons Why You Should Buy a Business Instead of Starting From Scratch

1) Less Risk Compared To Startups

Many people need help understanding the advantages of buying a business instead of starting from scratch. Buying a business is more accessible than starting a new one. And supported more readily by bankers and lenders who can determine the risk level of an existing business. You have the company's assets in place, including cash flow, contracts, equipment, inventory, and staff. Start-up requires the entrepreneur to carry the risk in the beginning. 

2) Thriving Brand Name

Investing in a business gives you instant credibility, brand awareness, and the opportunity to use an established business name. Buying a company in Los Angeles is an excellent idea if you're starting or want to enter a niche market that doesn't have much competition. You get the goodwill of an established brand, making marketing much easier for your team. 

3) Predictable Cash Flow

Buying a business is a safer way to invest, rather than starting from scratch with no idea where the money will come from to fund growth. Most companies will have a positive cash flow, which means they can pay out profits and provide regular dividends to shareholders. This is far better than borrowing or taking on external debt usually associated with startups.

4) Solid Financial Foundation

Financials are a considerable part of starting your own business, often overlooked. But the truth is that it can make or break your business and your motivation. It is a great idea to invest in an existing business. Putting your money and effort into a company in Los Angeles with a financial framework is much easier.

5) Trained Workforce

One of the best benefits of buying a business is leveraging existing relationships. Buying a business allows you to retain employees that have a vested interest in your success. You can save on hiring and training costs by purchasing a successful business. You can also scale up quickly when you have people who know their jobs.

6) Established Customer Base

Creating a customer base is vital for the survival of any business. Buying a business means taking over the customer base built and developed over the years. Customers need to feel optimistic about your business for success. And the good news is most of your existing customers will stick with you when you buy a business. 

7) Mentorship

Starting a business can be overwhelming. An existing owner can help ease some of the burdens, by staying on for a period of time to mentor the incoming owner.  Mentoring can take whatever form the seller and buyer agree upon and will be most helpful. It is important to identify the timeframe required as well. Maybe it is a consulting role or an active position with job responsibilities, or simply maintaining current customer relationships with warm handshakes and introductions to the new team. Mentorship is in the best interest of both parties, to ensure a win-win for all. 

Six Things to Look for Before You Buy a Business

1) Reasons for Selling

The first and most obvious question from you as a buyer should be, "why is the seller selling it?" their answer can determine if you should invest in the business. You're looking for any red flags in the answers, like loss or legal troubles. 

2) Company History

Any business you're buying in Los Angeles needs to have a good service history. Sometimes, sellers try to offload firms with a bad reputation on unsuspecting buyers. The best thing to do is research them online. It can give you valuable insights into the business. 

3) Financials and Documentation

A big part of a business is how financially sound it is for a buyer. When looking to buy a business, you need to verify the financial documents of the brand and ensure they check out. Ensure you hire experienced third parties like FCBB to help you validate the documentation. 

4) Rate of Returns

The simple law in business is that you should only invest in opportunities that are worth it. In business, it is all about the rate of returns on your investment. Businesses with low rates of returns can be a massive problem for you in the long run. You might not be able to fix them even with expertise. 

5) Operational Costs

When you invest in a company, check operational costs and ensure that you can keep up with them. A large business might have high operating costs that can catch you unawares. 

6) Outstanding Legal Issues

A business on sale might have legal issues—anything from tax liabilities to pending litigations. As a buyer, you're well within your right to ask and verify outstanding legal issues of the business. 

Buying/Selling a Business - FAQs

What is a business evaluation, and is it mandatory?

A Business valuation determines the asking price, supported by metrics attractive to buyers. It is the central document in negotiation and is mandatory for a successful sale. 

First Choice Business Brokers use a combination of successful methods developed over 40 years to complete an accurate valuation and position your company in the market. FCBB has a trusted reputation with many business owners in Los Angeles for their businesses' valuation and successful sales.

What are a few important tips to find the right business?

One of the most important things to do when buying a business is to ensure you have everything on hand, from marketing data to financials. Before signing off on a deal, take the time to review all the essential business stats. FCBB has access to professionals who audit your documentation to prevent issues later.

What is due diligence, and how do I go about it?

Due diligence means ensuring you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. A business owner should investigate financial statements, records, and customer reviews before they commit. It gives them enough information about the company's value before they proceed to the sale.

How much is my business worth?

The price of your business depends on two things - how profitable it is and how much buyers are willing to pay for it. It is impossible to put a precise figure on the value of your business. But a business broker can get as close to the accurate value as possible. If you're looking to sell your business in Los Angeles, FCBB can help. We have experts who can help you get the right price for your business.

How quickly do businesses sell?

Selling a business is unlike selling other things like a house or a car. There are many moving parts in a company, so it takes more time than other investments. And bigger businesses take a long time to sell. Contact a business broker who can provide an estimated time frame after they have asked you some basic questions. They can assist you by presenting your options and then helping with your decisions. 

Will using a business broker help?

Yes, a business broker helps you; 

● Optimize your business and prepare to sell, 
● Complete the valuation, 
● Find buyers, and 
● Negotiate the price and terms to 
● Close the sale. 

They have access to the professionals you need to complete legal transactions and arrange to finance.