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Why Should You Work With A Business Broker?

In this video below, Top Business Brokers Adrianna Smith and Lana Hout discuss the benefits of using a business broker in buying and selling businesses.


The most common mistake potential Sellers make is comparing the selling of their business to selling a house. A business sale is more complex with multiple moving parts.

Benefits of Using a Business Broker include: 

• Business Brokers properly value your business in today's market.

Business Brokers save you time so that you can continue to run the business.

• Business Brokers can provide you with advice and guidance around pitfalls throughout the deal process.

• Business Brokers manage the process from start to finish which includes marketing the listing, working with buyers, negotiating the deal, and managing the escrow, landlord as well as bank financing and Franchise processes (if applicable).

• Business Brokers are able to tap into their established buyer network and invest in marketing your business.

• Business Brokers will protect your confidentiality as you will not want your employees, vendors, customers or even competitors knowing you are for sale.

• Business Brokers work diligently to get the deal closed in an efficient and timely manner.

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